Finished Object: Fancy up a Notebook

I am so excited about how this came out! It's a moleskin notebook with an Urban Threads hand embroidery design I modified to be cut with my cricut (vinyl material)



Urban thread design link:

Here is roughly what I did:

1. Bough the Urban threads design (pdf)

2. opened the design pdf and converted to png

3. Uploaded the png into the Cricut Design Space software

4. Manually selected/removed all the areas that needed to be blank

5. Saved the file

6. Within the project I resized the image to what I wanted

7. I changed the image to be "cut" instead of "print and cut" within the layer tool

8. printed my vinyl

9. reverse weeded (leaving just what I wanted to stick on the notebook

10. Used scotch tape to move the design to my notebook -- carefully