the 12th doctor - perler beads

Ok, giant discovery was made on this one. I researched the 12th doctor's costume and had all my sketches ready to go and then found out.. perler beads don't come in navy... what the hell?!? He is supposed to have a navy blue coat and black pants.. so instead I created him with a white shirt. I'm not thrilled i had to compromise, I had a nice sketch and was very frustrated. Black pants with a black coat didn't look right.. so yeah.. compromise is painful :-)

Doctor who and 3D Printing

Our awesome library has a new 3D printer. I was able to attend a class/demo and was able to request a few things... so yeah... tardis was my entire list when I heard about 3D printing... so keychain and a solid tardis is awesome! I LOVE our library. Eventually it will be open to the public and I want to take full advantage.. dinosaurs are next on my list... oh wait... maybe I need a dalek


It amazes me how much you can blend handmade and technology. To have design ideas that can be implemented in plastic, yarn, fabric or anything you can think of. 

much bigger on the inside

 A really great friend was moving so I decided to make her something for the road trip. It started out as an idea to put a bunch of stuff for her roadtrip together (happy memories and goodies) but then I realized I wanted to make something too. She's my crafting buddy and I wanted to make her something meaningful... so I decided on making a drawstring bag with this amazing Doctor Who fabric that I had been waiting to use for sooo long. I'm going to miss the hours and hours or crafting and talking (perler beads, sewing, me crocheting, embroidery, every geeky topic under the sun). We'll be continuing digitally so this site is great to show her what i've been working on :-)


I think I nailed the tardis blue ribbon (ok, one of the tardis blues)

The bag tutorial I used:

The spoonflower Doctor Who fabric (inside): (the outer fabric is no longer available)