Finished Object: emma the bunny (mint)

she might be one of the "first pancakes" that i care about the most. She isn't perfect, but she is so special. I made her for my mom as a recovery present. She was started in a hospital room and this week I was so grateful to be able to give it to her and make her smile.

The pattern is from TOFT and I am already in love with all of their animals. The pattern was really clear though I did learn the difference between UK and US hooks sizes and stitches. I added eyelashes :-) I think I would use a heavier yarn when I make this in the future. 

Link to Emma the bunny:

Link to my ravelry project:

Hippos everywhere (and a lesson in yarn and gauge)

This is one of my favorite patterns. The purple one is arguably my favorite amigurumi project. The orange one I just finished for someone else. I love to see the difference in hook size and yarn type when using the same pattern. the Orange hippo is made out of red heart soft and purple is sock yarn.  


Pattern is Lion Brand from:

yarn hulk *smash*

I modified the Thor amigurumi pattern from to make the hulk. He is a gift for the same friend I made Loki and Thor for. Using the eyelash yarn was fun and it is extremely soft!


I made the following changes from the pattern: 

  • Used a larger hook J
  • Added a row of 2 on the head
  • Added a row onto the body. I started out with purple and changed to green at row 6
  • legs and arms both had one extra row.

FYI, the eyes are 7.5 MM from (they are the best for amigurmi projects)

Amigurumi octopus family

I started out making one octopus from a pattern I found on ravelry. I had so much fun with the curly tentacles I decided to make an entire family (orange ones) and named them (Clive, Martha and Abigail). I added curls to the little girl octopus. and lowered her eyes to make her a little more shy. 


I also made a few by request (the two pink ones) and LOVED that she added monocles to each of them. 


This is the first amigurumi crochet project that I thought of, sketched out and actually made. I had this idea for a cute sloth that would be able to hang from things (with velcro securing the grip). My plan has been to make a pattern for him, especially since after posting him on tumblr, folks have been interested.  Now, I just have to set aside the time to work through my notes to make a pattern

my notes