Finished Object: Zelda Cross Stitch

From the original Zelda NES game. ""IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY.


I used the screenshot and worked out the colors/pixels on graph paper.  I couldn't get the words to fit, so I had to compromise.

I brought the screenshot to the store to try to line up the embroidery colors as close as possible to the screenshot. I really liked working with the black cross stitch canvas. I have a few more 8bit ideas that are a little fancier in my head to try on the black canvas. 

Finished Object: BB-8 Fleece Blanket

I saw this fabric at Jo-ann Fabric and knew I had to make something for my 2.5+ year old daughter with it. She us quite the bb-8 fan. It was a quick project, and definitely not perfect.. but made with so much love and happiness. She loved it! even cute is she calls it her "baby 8 blanket".


How I did it:

I sewed around 3.5 sides (wrong sides together) and then flipped it inside out. I sewed up the opening. I then sewed around all four corners with a decorative stitch that will keep the layers together pretty well.

Finished Object: Chevron Infinity Scarf

I made this primarily because I really like chevrons and I wanted to get some practice with color changing. I'm not completely thrilled with how it came out, but I think i'll make more and see if I can improve on my technique. I tried several ways to change color and found a neat one that takes care of weaving in ends by crocheting over them.

Pattern (very well done, highly recommend): 

Ravelry link:

Finished Object: Toddler Hat

I actually attempted this hat multiple times. For some reason, i totally messed up counting once and had to frog. Then the second time around I didn’t do fpdc or bpdc… instead i did dcs in the back loop (you can see the result in the hat in the back of the picture. 

My brain was seriously missing some key details, but my little one LOVES both of the hats, so it’s a win. 

The Pattern is here

My Ralvelry info (yarn, etc) for the project is here:

I totally recommend this pattern if you want to make a toddler/child beanie. It’s written very clearly and easy to follow. The Pattern and author is: Furlynn Slouchy by Heidi May (The Velvet Acorn)

FO: Pink Octopus needle book

I have this amazing crafty friend that I made this pink octopus needle book for. She embroiders beautifully and hopefully this will be helpful. I had some issues though so it didn't come out as I had imagined. Mainly it was smaller then intended. I thought I was careful with the measurements but something went wonky. I think the finished product is nice but I think bigger would have been more useful. A tip, if you do this project, then printing the pattern on freezer paper and ironing onto felt is a life saver!