Finish Object: Skull Coffee Cup Sleeve

The pattern claimed to be 15 minutes, and it was actually pretty close to that! the pattern is great (links below). I have had the skull button for a while with one person in mind... so it was nice to finally use it! I highly recommend this pattern to folks. 

Finished Object: Fancy up a Notebook

I am so excited about how this came out! It's a moleskin notebook with an Urban Threads hand embroidery design I modified to be cut with my cricut (vinyl material)



Urban thread design link:

Here is roughly what I did:

1. Bough the Urban threads design (pdf)

2. opened the design pdf and converted to png

3. Uploaded the png into the Cricut Design Space software

4. Manually selected/removed all the areas that needed to be blank

5. Saved the file

6. Within the project I resized the image to what I wanted

7. I changed the image to be "cut" instead of "print and cut" within the layer tool

8. printed my vinyl

9. reverse weeded (leaving just what I wanted to stick on the notebook

10. Used scotch tape to move the design to my notebook -- carefully



Finished Object: Leg Warmers

I really liked this pattern but I would definitely make this taller and wider in future projects. Also, I might try to make the stitches a bit tighter so you see a little less between the holes, etc.

The pattern itself worked up super quick and really was pretty. There are suggestions on how to modify the pattern and general suggestions in the comments section. I highly recommend reading through those since the pattern creator was super helpful to people that asked questions within the page comments.

 I have a few more of these in my queue for some friends and family so i'll be making modifications. I didn't end up adding buttons because I felt like with the dark yarn I used, the shells stitching didn't really stand out as much as I thought it would. I liked the more uniform look.


Pattern link:

My Ravelry project link (hook and yarn info):