Finished Object: Ghost

my littlest one (2.5) became obsessed with ghosts this Halloween. She would point them out on shirts and say the word "ghost" and then make a boo kind of sound. It was amazing. I found some Halloween window clings and she would carry the ghost one everywhere. Even in the car!  I decided to use the window cling as a guide and make her a ghost! She loved it and carries him lots of places! I just wished I used a washable fabric instead of fleece. Basic Instructions are between the two photos



How did I make it?

  1. Drew a ghost outline on white fleece using a pencil (tried to make it similar to the window cling since she liked that one so much)
  2. Cut out both pieces of fleece using the pencil as a general guide.
  3. Put a pencil mark where I though the eyes should be (approximately) 
  4. With sharp scissors, made a small hole for the eyes
  5. Attached two small safety eyes using the holes i just made
  6. Sewed the two pieces about 90% together (right sides out) with white embroidery thread.
  7. Stuffed ghost thinly with poly fill. I wanted to make ghost thick enough so she couldn't feel the safety eyes. (Tip: Use a chop stick (or similar) to move the stuff around and get into the little arms) 
  8. Sew up the remaining part and tie off
  9. Hand to 2.5 year old



I kinda want to make a snowman next, but out of washable fabric...


oh and we have started calling him/her ghhoooooost