sometimes crafts fail

It seems logical that if i treat making this as experiments, that some don't quite work. failure is a result and i definitely learn a ton each time I have a project that... well I wouldn't exactly put out to show. One of these is a clutch I decided to make a few days before a wedding.  Between the aggressive time frame, a new tutorial and my modifications... well I learned:

  • Always have enough time for a second attempt
  • If it is last minute, keep it simple
  • If you aren't happy with the machine embroidery, then putting it together with other components aint gonna make it prettier
  • simple logic does not happen when you are rushing and over tired

The tutorial was great, and I might use it again to do something similar, and apply more logic, time and versions. 

Here is how it came out (try not to judge me too harshly ;-) )