Beaded dolls

Not my usual kind of craft.. it's not really geeky or modern... but this was something I had to do for sentimental reasons. My mom had these dolls that she would put out every Christmas when I was young. They were one of the first handmade things I had ever seen (a crafty friend of hers had made them) and my twin sister and i thought they were the MOST beautiful things ever. The way the beads caught the light and we would play with them forever, so careful not to damage them. There were three of them total, one for each of the sisters.They are still what I think of when I picture Christmas... my  default image (warm living room, brightly lit fake tree, lights up the stairs and no table lamps or TV on. It was beautiful.


When I moved out of state and had a house to decorate for Christmas, it felt like I was missing them. I had always pictured the dolls above a fireplace on display. I asked my Mom if she could send them to me, but somehow they had gone missing over the years of non-use. That made me sad, so I decided to make my own versions. I'm not loving the faces on all of them, but they are so close to what I remember.... I look at them and i'm that little girl again twirling these dolls carefully while wondering what the future will be like.  I of course had to experiment so I ended up with 5 total with two being mirror images (I am a mirror twin so I had to).  I had a lot of fun with customizing each.