Finished Object: Reversible dress (whales and robots)

I sewed clothes for my youngest daughter and it did not suck! I have this issue where I can't seem to sew clothes very well. most other things.. sure... but clothes are super scary to me. It's totally a mental ("little voice of doubt in my head"). Anyway, I decided to try a class at Stitchlab (in Austin) and had the best time. The instructor was great and super patient. In the four hour class ("easy sewing for littles") I had a finished product that I was so damn proud of!

Here it is in all of it's whale and robots reversible goodness!


Finished Object: Nosferatu Mug rug... sort of

This started off as an idea for a mug rug, but during the implementation... it became a bit bigger. My sister still liked it but now it hangs on a wall :-)

the fabric is from spoonflower called "secret life of nosferatu" and i've used it for a tote bag design as well. it's pretty adorable. The embroidery design is “Death before Decaf” from urbanthreads.

I speed through the binding waayyy too quickly and made a ton of mistakes. I am happy with some of the fancy stitches I made though :-)

Finished Object: emma the bunny (mint)

she might be one of the "first pancakes" that i care about the most. She isn't perfect, but she is so special. I made her for my mom as a recovery present. She was started in a hospital room and this week I was so grateful to be able to give it to her and make her smile.

The pattern is from TOFT and I am already in love with all of their animals. The pattern was really clear though I did learn the difference between UK and US hooks sizes and stitches. I added eyelashes :-) I think I would use a heavier yarn when I make this in the future. 

Link to Emma the bunny:

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