Finished Object: emma the bunny (mint)

she might be one of the "first pancakes" that i care about the most. She isn't perfect, but she is so special. I made her for my mom as a recovery present. She was started in a hospital room and this week I was so grateful to be able to give it to her and make her smile.

The pattern is from TOFT and I am already in love with all of their animals. The pattern was really clear though I did learn the difference between UK and US hooks sizes and stitches. I added eyelashes :-) I think I would use a heavier yarn when I make this in the future. 

Link to Emma the bunny:

Link to my ravelry project:

Finished Object: Zelda Cross Stitch

From the original Zelda NES game. ""IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY.


I used the screenshot and worked out the colors/pixels on graph paper.  I couldn't get the words to fit, so I had to compromise.

I brought the screenshot to the store to try to line up the embroidery colors as close as possible to the screenshot. I really liked working with the black cross stitch canvas. I have a few more 8bit ideas that are a little fancier in my head to try on the black canvas. 

Finished Object: BB-8 Fleece Blanket

I saw this fabric at Jo-ann Fabric and knew I had to make something for my 2.5+ year old daughter with it. She us quite the bb-8 fan. It was a quick project, and definitely not perfect.. but made with so much love and happiness. She loved it! even cute is she calls it her "baby 8 blanket".


How I did it:

I sewed around 3.5 sides (wrong sides together) and then flipped it inside out. I sewed up the opening. I then sewed around all four corners with a decorative stitch that will keep the layers together pretty well.

Finished Object: Chevron Infinity Scarf

I made this primarily because I really like chevrons and I wanted to get some practice with color changing. I'm not completely thrilled with how it came out, but I think i'll make more and see if I can improve on my technique. I tried several ways to change color and found a neat one that takes care of weaving in ends by crocheting over them.

Pattern (very well done, highly recommend): 

Ravelry link: